Statement Date of Birth: January 31, 1968 Place of Birth: Yogyakarta, Indonesia Motto' Painting is the expression of my inner abstract quality which is formed when I interact with the enviroment around me ' EDUCATION 1975 - 1981 Elementary School SDN JETISHARJO II, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 1981 - 1985 Junior High School , SMP KARITAS Nandan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 1985 - 1989 Senior High School, SMSR Yogyakarta, Indonesia 1989 - 1995 Indonesian art Institute (ISI) Yogyakarta, Indonesia INSPIRATION It started when Klowor had a black cat, which inspired him because it was good and shiny fur. When we see cat form its negative point of view, sometimes taking care of a cat is not giving any advantages. The character of a cat usually relates to its bad behaviour such as stealing, destroying roof and also its smelly dirt. However, here Klowor tries to see the other point of view. In his opinion, a cat has a positive side i.e. spoiled, tender, cute although sometimes it shows its wilderness.From this point of view, Klowor tries to explore the movements, behaviours and the interesthing characters and mix those with idea in his mind into his work. CONCEPTUAL FORM In describing the cat movement, he uses free style in his painting which means that the cat appears in any forms either simple or complex forms of a cat. Therefore he could get the the forms of a cat that he wanted. The artistic consideration is that the forms, which are presented will make us think and have our own fantasy. TECHNIQUE AND MATERIAL In his work he's not only using one kind of material, but he uses any materials which is benefical. He uses oil paint, water colour, acrylic or even a pincil. However he's selective for the colour and quality of the material. The tools that Klowor uses in my painting are various. He uses paintbrush, knife pallete or pen or any kind of tools to form a desirable work. In the technical point of view, the mixtune of materials as well as the tools would give an artistic touch. So it will make a unique form which cannot be found if we are only using one kind of material. AWARDS 1989 : PRATITA ADHI KARYA for oil painting award , SMSR Yogyakarta , Indonesia : Best Skecth Award for Pure Art Department ( Seni Murni ), FSRD ISI , Yogyakarta, Indonesia 1990 : Second Best Skecth Award for oil painting of Pure Art Department, FSRD ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia : Best Skecth Award for Pure Art Department FSRD ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia 1991 : Best oil painting award for Pure Art Department FSRD ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia And he's had a lot of exhibitions ever since 1988