Klowor Waldiyono. Represented by Christine Ariany in Indonesia. telp: +62 81 74101244 The first formal painting education is in SMSR (Art Senior High School), participated in Art Studio (Sanggar Bambu) and continued studying in FSRD ISI (Design and Art Faculty ' Indonesia Art Institute) Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The first time Klowor interested in art was inspired by all of his family, anyone an art lover. Klowor's father was famous traditional acrobatic player in his era and he was also painting puppet, so that he could support his 7 children. Klowor is the sixth of the seven children in his family. Five of the children are adhere to art, including himself. His loving commitment to art was starting when he was still a child, he would draw anything using pencil or ballpoint pen and it promoted his ability in painting as his entered the elementary school. The only lesson that Klowor like when he was still in elementary school was drawing. At the time Klowor would draw anything which came to his mind. Klowor expressed all of his experiences and feelings in his paintings. When Klowor entered his Junior High School (SMP), he wanted to be profesional painter. Klowor would do painting for living not only for hobby. As the graduated from SMP, he continued studying in Art School - SMSR (Art Senior High School). That was the starting point when Klowor really decided to be profesional painter and he started to have an exhibition and sold his painting theme. His last formal education was in ISI (Indonesian Art Institute). Klowor have graduated from pure art program and majoring in painting art. In the special education he chose 'CAT' as the inspiration of all his works. There are three changes on Klowor's works, where the first dimention in 'Decorative Cat' (which he called it as 'Batman'). The cat I 'Batman' is in the real form in which now he reform it into free style of cats. Now, Klowor make a deformation of cat in free form and not closely fight with the cat anatomy. The form of a cat is a fantasy form and it is also symbolize real life. For Klowor, painting is the expression of his inner abstract quality which is formed when his interact with the enviroment around him. Starting when Klowor have a black cat, it is inspire him because of its good and shinny fur. When people see cat form its negative point of view, sometimes taking care of a cat is not giving any advantages. The character of cat ussually relates to its bad behaviour such as stealling, destroying roof and also its smelly dirt. However, here Klowor try to see from the other point of view. In his opinion, a cat has positive side i.e. spoiled, tender, cute although sometimes its shows its wilderness. From this point of view Klowor try to explore the movements, behaviours and the interesting characters of a cat and mix those with the idea in his mind into his works. In describing the cat movement, Klowor use the free style in his painting, which mean that cat appears in any forms either simple or complex forms of a cat. Therefore he could get the form of a cat that he wanted. The artistic consideration is that the form, which are presented will make people think and have our own fantasy. In Klowor's works, he is not only using one kind of material, but he use any materials which is benificial, Klowor using oil paint, water colour, acrylic or even a pencil. However he is selective for the colour and quality of the material. The tools that Klowor use in his painting are various. Klowor using paintbrush, knife pallete or pen or any kind of tools to form a desirable work. In the technical point of an artistic touch. So it will make unique form which cannot be found if we are only using one kind of material.